The Waddel Fellowship is a vocational discernment project developed through the Presbyterian Student Center at the University of Georgia in cooperation with the congregations of Northeast Georgia Presbytery, students at the University of Georgia, the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at the University of Alabama (Bama UKirk), and Columbia Theological Seminary. The goals of the Waddel Fellowship are to encourage undergraduate students at the University of Georgia to explore calls to Christian ministry, to consider the relationship between faith and vocation, and to prepare for various types of leadership in the church. These goals will be achieved by placing students in leadership positions in congregations, building a support network around them that includes both individual attention and community gatherings, assisting participants in visiting seminaries, and holding an annual vocational weekend at Columbia Theological Seminary.

The program is directed by the Campus Minister and the Waddel Fellowship Committee, which is appointed by the Board of Directors of Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc.

Grants of up to $200 are available to assist in visiting seminaries. These grants are available only to current or former participants in the Waddel Fellowship program, including both Fellows and Interns. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, with a deadline of the first of every month. Submitted applications will be reviewed and notifications will be made by the 15th of every month.

There is no application limit, but a separate application must be made for every seminary visited.

If you have any questions, then please email Will Norman, Campus Minister, at