Front Lawn Tailgate Auction

Two of the tailgating/parking spaces on the front lawn of the Presbyterian Student Center are now available.  Because several you have asked to move closer to Lumpkin, we thought the fairest way to decide who gets these coveted spots is to have an auction.  

NOTE: Remember that every dollar over $135 (already covered by your 2019 renewal) is treated as a tax-deductible donation. All donations support the ministry of the Presbyterian Student Center, including our ongoing efforts to maintain a comfortable and functional property for all who use it. 


* BEFORE YOU BID: Please make sure your vehicle has sufficient ground clearance to climb the 6.5” curb. *

Bidding starts at $150 per spot (this is in addition to the $500 you have already paid for your 2019 pass) and each successive bid should increase by at least $10.00 increments (e.g. $150, $250, $260 … not $150, $165, $168 …)

You are always able to view the most recent bids here (and by clicking the red button below)

You may bid as many times as you like before 5 pm on Friday, August 2, 2019. Each submission is automatically time stamped, and in order to be fair, we will not accept any bids stamped later than 5:00:00 PM EST.

** We're not eBay. You will not be contacted when someone places a bid higher than yours; use the red button to keep up with current bids. **

In the case that the winning bid only wants one spot, the second highest bid will be given the option to purchase the second spot at their bid price. The winning bid amount(s) will be the future renewal price(s) for these spots.  This is a one-time auction, which will not be repeated next year. Winners will have first right of refusal for these spots going forward.

We enjoy hosting you on game days and we look forward to spending the 2019 season with you!  Go Dawgs!

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2019 Football Parking Renewal

The 2019 suggested donation is $500 per space of which $365 is a tax deductible gift. Renewal forms and payment are due by April 1, 2019.

Purchases made online are assessed an additional 2.4% processing fee, which results in a $512 total charge.

Passes will be mailed no later than August 15, 2019.

purchases are only available to current season pass holders. Any attempted purchase by a non-season pass holder will not be honored, and will be refunded in full, minus the processing fee (approximately $12).


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2019 UGA Football Season Parking
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2019 UGA Football Season Parking

Purchases made online are assessed an additional 2.4% processing fee, which results in a $512 total charge.

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Checks should be made payable to ‘Presbyterian Campus Ministry’ and mailed to 1250 S. Lumpkin St. Athens, GA 30605