The William Waddell Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship to be administered by the Waddel Fellowship Committee and announced at the annual Waddel Fellowship Graduation Dinner (normally late April).

William Llewellyn Waddell (1913-1996), was the great, great-grandson of Moses Waddel and a graduate of the University of Georgia. This scholarship is given in his memory by his family.

This scholarship will be awarded to someone who

  • has participated in the Waddel Fellowship program (as either an intern or a fellow),

  • has shown exemplary character,

  • has a financial need in the coming year for theological education or another program that is specifically geared toward young adult vocational discernment, service, or faith development.

Priority for this scholarship will be given to theological education. Second priority will be given to the Young Adult Volunteer Program of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). All other applications will be given third priority.

The scholarship may, at the discretion of the Waddel Fellowship Committee, be split between multiple candidates. The scholarship will be used exclusively for theological education unless there are no applicants in a given year who are requesting a scholarship for theological education.

Applications are accepted from January 1 through March 31 of every year, and should include

  1. a letter requesting this scholarship and outlining your plan for use of the funds (emailed to

  2. the completion & submission of the following form: