Weekday Parking @ The PSC
IS SOLD OUT. Check back next May for available spots.

Parking spots for 2019/20 School Year are available, and can only be purchased online.

Prices are $225 for Fall Semester or Spring semester, when purchase individually.
If purchasing the full year, you’ll receive a discounted rate of $425.

All transactions are assessed a 2.5% processing fee, so that the final/total purchase price is $230.62 or $435.62 respectively.

Passes will be available for pickup starting Monday Aug. 12, between 9am and 5pm at the PSC (see map).

Weekday Parking Permit Agreement

This Agreement is made this day between Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc. (aka Presbyterian Student Center at UGA) and Holder as named on the credit card associated with this purchase.

This permit is valid Monday through Friday between 7a and 9p for the semester(s) purchased.

THIS PERMIT IS NOT VALID FOR PARKING FOR UGA HOME FOOTBALL WEEKENDS.   Vehicles must be removed from the lot by 9p on Friday.  Cars remaining in the lot past 9p WILL BE TOWED.

This Agreement allows the holder to park one vehicle in the parking lot located at 1250 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30605, at owner’s risk.  Consideration is for parking only, and Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc. assumes no risk or responsibility for any vehicle, or loss by theft of vehicle or contents, or for any damage that may be made by inclement weather, collision, vandalism, fire or other damage and no bailment is created herein.

The permit should be attached to the upper right corner of the front window.  The permit should be displayed at all times vehicle is parked in the lot.  Vehicles not displaying a valid permit are subject to towing.  The charge for towing is set by and handled through the towing company.  PERMIT HOLDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TOWING COSTS.

This parking permit, when issued by Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc., is the property of Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc.

Any attempt to duplicate, photocopy or otherwise falsify a permit will result in cancellation of parking permit, towing and/or criminal prosecution.

Improperly parked vehicles, with or without a permit, are subject to towing.  An improperly parked vehicle is one that blocks another vehicle, is not parked in between the painted lines or restricts access to the parking facility or is parked in such a manner as to cause an unsafe condition on the property.  

Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time, and further agrees to refund to the Holder the pro-rated amount of any remaining rental in the event such cancellation becomes necessary.

I understand that by purchasing, I am accepting the above terms and conditions.

Weekday Parking (All Semesters available)
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